saratoga performing arts center seating chart

Guest Seating Information

Broadview Stage has a 25,000 person capacity and is home to annual Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) events, including Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival, New York City Ballet and Philadelphia Orchestra performances.

At the Stage, guests have a number of seating options to choose from. Inside the amphitheater, you’ll find 5,200 sheltered seats. While outside, the sloping lawn can accommodate an additional 20,000 guests.

Some music goers prefer to sit in the Pit and Orchestra seats, so they can be closer to their favorite performers and watch them more clearly, while others prefer to sit in the Balcony where they can see the entire performance at once.

Whether opting for the Orchestra, Pit, VIP Box Seats, Balcony, or the General Admission Lawn, the amphitheater’s gracefully curved design, combined with the natural slope of the land, ensures that all guests experience both breathtaking views and exceptional sound quality – at the same time!

Seating Options

The Pit

The Pit is a fan favorite as it gets visitors up close and personal with the stage, giving them a crystal-clear view of the performers. For most shows, the Pit is general admission (GA). This means, there are no seats and guests usually stand during the show. Those who arrive earliest will have first pick on where they stand.

The Orchestra

Sections from 1 to 14 make up the Orchestra. There are two distinct tiers of seating in this area: Lower Orchestra and Upper Orchestra. The Orchestra provides easy access for all guests.

VIP Box Seats

VIP Box seating can be found in both the Orchestra and in the Balcony sections. They are separate rooms with an open viewing area which usually seat five people or less.


Balcony sections place SPAC as one of the most unique outdoor venues in the States. It’s very rare for outdoor theaters to offer elevated seating and a grassy Lawn. This setup lets guests take in the whole show in one awesome package.

saratoga performing arts center balcony seats

General Admission Lawn

The Lawn is an uncovered open seating area that is GA. By day, the Lawn is a picnic paradise, and by night, it transforms into a lively dance floor. And for all the lovebirds, the Lawn is the front row seat to some epic stargazing.

For the safety, comfort and experience of all fans, venue management reserves the right to not permit outside lawn chairs from being brought into the venue. A limited number of lawn chair rentals will be available for advance purchase online or at the venue on the day of the event, while supplies last.

saratoga amphitheater lawn seating

Accessible Seating

For attendees who experience challenges with mobility, there is a wheelchair ramp that provides easier access into the amphitheater. This is located on the north side of the Broadview Stage behind the Hall of Springs Gate. All reserved seats on the lower level including sections 1 to 14 can be accessed without using stairs.

While the balcony can be accessed using balcony ramps, please note that only the accessible reserved seats behind sections 16 to 17 can be assessed without the need for stairs. For all other sections in the balcony, stairs are required.