The Saratoga Performing Arts Center takes pride in the wide array of events they host. In order to better prepare guests, the venues rules and guidelines will be broken down according to event type. Please take great care in ensuring you are following the correct protocol for your event.

Rock & Pop Concerts:

Guests are welcome to bring food and water. All food must fit into a clear, one gallon plastic bag. Water is allowed – up to one gallon – and is to be in a factory sealed container. No open bottles, glass bottles, or alcohol of any kind is allowed. Beer is served at all events: Purchaser is required to have a current, government issued ID.

For the guests’ comfort, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center allows small lawn chairs, ponchos/rain jackets, umbrellas, blankets, binoculars, purses, backpacks, and strollers.

Items not allowed include, but are not strictly limited to: coolers, cooking equipment, knives, glass of any kind, alcohol, illegal substances, weapons of any kind, laser pens, roller skates, skate boards, fireworks, and animals/pets.

Jazz Festivals:

Guests are permitted to bring alcohol, although anyone consuming alcoholic beverages must be prepared to show a current, government issued ID. Coolers are allowed as well.

Guests are NOT allowed to bring cooking equipment of any kind, including hibachis and grills.

The following items are prohibited: glass of any kind, roller blades, skate boards, bikes, beer kegs, beer balls, illegal substances, fireworks, knives, weapons of any kind, pets/animals.

Cameras: small point-and-shoot cameras are acceptable. Professional cameras and equipment, including tripod, detachable lenses, and zoom lenses, are strictly prohibited.

Smoking is not allowed within the Live Nation Family Zones located on the lawn.

Classical Events (Ballet & Orchestra):

Alcohol is permitted on the premises, though food, coolers, and cooking equipment of any kind are not. Smoking is not allowed in the center lawn area.

The following items are strictly prohibited: glass of any kind, illegal substances, fireworks, roller skates, skate boards, bikes, cameras and video recording equipment, knives, firearms, weapons of any kind.