Information Highlights

Beer and concessions, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza, are normally available at all events. Other alcoholic beverages are available at classical events.

For members at the Patron level or higher, elegant dining is available at the Patron’s Club.

Alcoholic beverages are served in the informal Jazz Bar in the Hall of Springs before most classical performances and during intermission.

With a great view of the amphitheater, the lawn is a perfect place for a picnic! Pre-made picnics are available at Putnam Market. Picnics are NOT available for Live Nation events.

For those guests with disabilities who are attending a classical event, the SPAC gladly offers golf cart services. If you plan on using this service, please arrive no later than one half hour before a performance is scheduled to begin. Please be aware of the parking gate through which you entered (Route 50 or Patrons Lot/Hall of Springs). Carts must not go into parking lots. Due to crowd size, carts are not available during Pop/Rock Concerts.

No refunds are given for inclement weather, as events continue in rain or shine.

Individuals and organizations are welcome throughout the year to host private parties, receptions, small gatherings, and formal functions in the Hall of Springs Grand Ballroom.

Gates open 1 hour prior to MOST Live Nation events and 2 hours prior to classical events.

saratoga amphitheater

About Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), nestled in the historic resort town of Saratoga Springs, is a world class live performance venue located in upstate New York. As soon as you step foot on the 2,400-acre Saratoga Spa State Park, you’re greeted with hiking trails, geysers, picnic spots, and natural mineral springs, and, of course, the iconic Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

With a huge 25,000 seating capacity, the Center’s Broadview Stage is dubbed one of New York’s biggest outdoor amphitheaters. Hosting some of the best artists in the world, the venue pulls in crowds from all over the state and beyond. The Stage is the official home to the New York City Ballet and Philadelphia Orchestra every summer, and hosts industry megastars like Cardi B, Imagine Dragons, Sting, Pink Floyd, Jennifer Lopez and the Dave Matthews Band. This legendary band has rocked the stage a whooping 44 times, with eleven sold out shows!

saratoga performing arts center

The sound system

The stage and acoustics have been designed to deliver the crystal clear sounds you crave when experiencing your favorite bands and performers in the flesh. The epic sound system has even caught the attention of industry powerhouses like Jackson Browne and Whitney Houston. Whitney recorded her 1987 MTV Video Music Awards pop masterpiece “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” at SPAC to air for the awards show. Meanwhile, Jackson recorded “Rosie” backstage for his multi-platinum 1977 album “Runnin’ On Empty” at the iconic venue.

SPAC History

The Saratoga Performing Arts Center draws hundreds of thousands of fans every single year. For over half a century, SPAC has housed over a thousand performances from artists spanning across a wide range of genres. They’ve hosted events for classical music, jazz, pop, rock, country, comedy, hip hop and dance – just to name a few!
The concept for SPAC was born in the 1960s with the aim of providing support for the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet. It all began with a simple question posed by New York journalist Duane Le Fleche. He thought that the Saratoga Springs could be an ideal setting for these groups looking for a summer residency. This idea took off, receiving widespread community support. Ground was broken in 1964, and the amphitheater came to life. It was surrounded by the natural beauty and lush pine trees of Saratoga Spa State Park.

The Center was constructed in just 410 days. In fact, it took 300 workers 136,000 hours of hard work to build the impressive ten-story pavilion. The lawn wasn’t added until later. The amphitheater first opened its doors in 1966, featuring its debut performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra, and it remains the premier outdoor concert venue in Upstate New York. It was even hailed the #1 outdoor music venue by USA Today!

Between the 8th and 31st July 1966, the New York City Ballet put on an impressive 21 performances. This marked the first time in history a ballet company had a permanent residence at a venue. Meanwhile, the Grateful Dead made history with the largest-ever attended event at SPAC. In 1985, they saw over 40,000 happy music goers. Now, capacity runs at 25,103.

In 2022, the Center invested $2 million in upgrades, including the installation of the amphitheater’s first assisted-listening system and cutting-edge software for ticketing and donations management, enhancing the accessibility of events.

Fast forward to 2023, and the amphitheater was named the Broadview Stage. Broadview Federal Credit Union and Live Nation partnered to introduce the new name to all Live Nation concerts hosted at the Center. This collaboration marks Broadview Federal Credit Union’s “dedication to connecting with, supporting, and investing in the vibrant Saratoga community through unforgettable live entertainment experiences.”

Who owns the center?

Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization responsible for running the arts center. It operates under a 50-year renewable lease with the State of New York, which owns the land, theaters and buildings that make up the center.

SPAC partners with Live Nation to organize and host popular music and rock concerts each summer. The revenue generated from this collaboration goes towards supporting the classical arts presentations.