Niall Horan at Saratoga Performing Arts Center

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Saratoga Performing Arts Center | Saratoga Springs, New York

Niall Horan

Let's rejoice and sing as the hit pop artist Niall Horan arrives at Saratoga Springs for his “The Show” Live on Tour on Friday, June 21, at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, New York. Launching an epic global tour in 2024, Niall Horan will jump into the Big Apple to put up an amazing live show with his mesmerizing singing prowess and guitar-driven tunes that will hook you right at first glance. Featuring his rock-pop-folk-country style of music, he is now ready for an all-night musical blast with his profound tune that won him several awards, including American Music Awards and BMI Awards. Highlighting his headlining album “The Show,” Niall Horan will boast his 10 chart-topping tracks, including “Heaven” and “Meltdown”, that will not just turn your ears up but pinch your hearts with their touching and feel-good rhythms. Now is the time to call the band, as Niall Horan delivers an amazing brand of music that will surely give you the best experience on land! Get your tickets now!

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for as Niall Horan will have his way to Saratoga stages for his “The Show” Live on Tour on Friday, June 21, at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, New York. From refreshing pop synths to upbeat slow rock anthems, Niall Horan had it all the best as he put up a show on live stages that will delight your music hearts.

Setting up a worldwide tour in 2024, Niall Horan will commence his US tour right in May, dropping a show in Saratoga Springs for a rhythmic explosion of musical sounds that is certainly Niall Horan-coded. Having his limelight in his former band One Direction, Niall Horan is still shining in his solo career as he produces hits after hits, garnering prestigious awards in the likes of American Music Awards and BMI awards. From his undeniably catchy performances to his heaven-sent music, he is now on the way to live stages to give you a musical treat that you will cherish forever.

After its release in 2023, Niall Horan’s most recent album, “The Show,” sparked this worldwide tour and will be heard live and alive! Consisting of a heartwarming message and an enchanting blend of pop and slow rock, the Irish pop star puts everything into this album, which he called a deeply felt meditation on everything. From musty sounds to groovy slow pop, the 10 songs in the tracklist will have their own vibe, including the songs “Meltdown” and “Heaven,” for a jam-packed musical show that will make you bounce and reflect at the same time.

THE SHOW Tracklist
If You Leave Me
Never Grow up
The Show
You Could Start A Cult
Save My Life
On A Night Like Tonight
Must Be Love

"I really want this show to be a place of pure joy, somewhere you can come to escape and let loose. A place you can truly be yourself,” Niall Horan said about his drive to make this album.

“The Show” Live on Tour, starring Niall Horan, will be held in the famous Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Known for its flexible event spaces, a large amphitheater, amazing architecture, and top-notch acoustics and reverb, it is the perfect location for a musical implosion that you will enjoy. There will be no time for meltdowns as Niall Horan will bring the musical heaven LIVE for the best concert experience you'll ever have. Grab your tickets now!

Niall Horan at Saratoga Performing Arts Center

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